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In the Name of Allaah, All Compassionate, All Merciful
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For the like of this, let the workers work
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Abu Bakr an-Neesaabooree narrates:

I visited Ibraaheem ibn Haani whilst he was on his deathbed. [Whilst there] he called his son Ismaa'eel and said to him: Has the sun set [yet]?

He (Ismaa'eel) replied: No.

He then said: O my father, [the likes of] you are permitted to break your fast [in such a severe situation, even] when the fast is obligatory, though your fast is [only] voluntary; Take it easy (don't burden yourself).

Then he (Abu Bakr an-Neesaabooree) said:

{For the like of this, let the workers work}, [Soorah as-Saaffaat, Aayah 61]

...and then his (Ibraaheem's) soul departed.

Sifatus-Safwah - Volume 2, Page 401