‘Abdullaah Ibn Munay’

Descending from the tribe of Banee Zayd, he was born in Shaqraa., which is the capital of the region of al-Washm on 15th of Sha’baan 1349 A.H./1928 C.E.

He graduated from his preliminary studies from Madrasah Shaqraa. In 1365 A.H./1944 C.E.

He then graduated from the University of Imaam Muhammad Ibn Sa’ood in 1377 A.H./1956 C.E. He attained his Masters at the Higher Institute for the Judiciary, which is part of the University if Imaam Muhammad Ibn Sa’ood in 1389 A.H./1977 C.E.

He worked as a teacher at Madrasah Shaqraa. for 3 years beginning in 1369 A.H./1948 C.E., then a teacher at the Educational Institute in Shaqraa. in 1375 A.H./1954 C.E. He then worked as the curator for Daar al-Kutub as-Sa’oodiyyah in 1377 A.H./1956 C.E.

And in the years 1390-1394 A.H. (excluding 1393 A.H.)/1969-1973 C.E. he was appointed for judicial work in the Council of Knowledge and the Higher Council of the Judiciary.

Then, in 1396-1397 A.H./1975-1976 C.E. he worked as general deputy to the general head of Islaamic Research, Fataawa, Da’wah and Guidance.

And at the end of 1397 A.H./1976 C.E. he was appointed a judge in the western region of Makkah, and he still remains in that post to date.

He is also a member of the Council of Senior Scholars, the Permanent Committee for Islaamic Research and Fataawa, the Higher Committee for Endowments and also the Higher Committee for Daar al-Hadeeth al-Khayriyyah in Makkah.

He has a number of books to his name, in addition to taking part in public religious services such as providing fataawa on television and the radio programme “Noorun ‘alad-Darb”.

He also supervises some students in the preparation of their theses at the Masters degree and Doctorate levels, whilst also taking part in the (university) committee discussing theses.

He is a graduate of the Islaamic University of Madeenah, having graduated from the Institute of Arabic Language, and later the Faculty of Sharee'ah in 2004. He currently resides in Birmingham, UK.

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