The Muslim is required to uphold the truth in all affairs

If, for example, the young lady has had surgery on her stomach, and the operation required an incision be made and then sewn up, and this was a very small procedure when she was giving birth – or after that by afew months, then are her family required to inform the one who has come to see her for marriage about this surgery, which has left a scar? And is this his legal right [to know] or not?

Promised to marry her if she embraced Islaam

I am the undersigned ‘Abdul-Qaadir, and I am 25 years of age. I wish to ask regarding a Christian woman who is 25 years of age; I promised her that when she becomes a Muslim I will marry her, and now she has embraced Islaam should I marry her, keeping in mind that my father is strongly against this marriage [taking place]?