The father of the Prophet ﷺ is in the Fire

And [the question] is, we have people who say that ‘Abdullaah, rather, the father of Muhammad ﷺ – he is [destined] for the Fire; And [there are] people who say no, rather he is [destined] for Paradise because he is the father of the Prophet. [Please] benefit us [with a response and] may Allaah reward you with good.

Attending the masjid and having a bad smell

Often, in some masaajid there is a bad smell – such as [that of] garlic, onions, [tobacco] smoke – [something indicative of some of the congregation] paying [little or] no attention to the cleanliness of their clothes, nor respecting the sanctity of the prayer and the masaajid, not to mention the other members of the congregation; so what is your advice to these people?

What you need to know about Laylatul-Qadr

Visit our YouTube channel for more Question: [O] Noble Shaykh, this [questioner] is asking, saying [there] is recurring evidence from the Book and the Sunnah regarding the greatness and virtue of Laylatul-Qadr, [so what is] the most anticipated night that will be Laylatul-Qadr, O Shaykh? Response: Laylatul-Qadr comprises all of Ramadhaan and it is not […]