What is required of the Muslims

Visit our YouTube channel for more Question: This questioner asks, what is your advice to the Muslims in light of these conditions in which [the Muslims reside in] Palestine, and what action should the Muslims take? Response: The action that the Muslims are required to take with [respect to] their oppressed and persecuted brothers [and […]

Our obligation towards the Palestinians

Visit our YouTube channel for more Question: There are numerous questions which have come, asking about our position on what is happening to our brothers in Palestine, and what is our duty towards them? Response: You are obligated to [help] as much as you can in terms of helping with [donations of] money and prayer. […]

Advice for an age in which trials and tribulations have increased

Visit our YouTube channel for more Question: With what do you advise us during this age in which fitan[1] have increased, and the people of innovation have become widespread, and [as we witness] the passing away of the scholars? Response: The first thing with which I advise you is taqwaa[2] of Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala, […]