Important advice for after Ramadhaan

Visit our YouTube channel for more Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan said: So the Muslim must always be a servant of Allaah and not a servant of Allaah [just] some of the time. And when Allaah knows that a servant will return to sin after Ramadhaan, then He will not accept his deeds [done] during Ramadhaan. That […]

Take advantage of the last ten of Ramadhaan

We [sincerely] advise ourselves and the Muslims by taking advantage of these remaining days of this noble month with worship and an increase in worship and seeking forgiveness, and an increase in supplication and an increase in charitable deeds, because it is [approaching] the end of the month.

A moment to ponder on our state in Ramadhaan

Visit our YouTube channel for more Shaykh Sulaymaan ar-Ruhaylee said: Last year, we welcomed [the arrival of] Ramadhaan – rejoicing and full of happiness, and we were saying “Welcome! Welcome!”, and then as its days quickly passed we were saying to it “Slowly! Slowly!” Then it passed by, and we [found ourselves] in a strange […]

Earthquakes are increasing

Visit our YouTube channel for more Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan said: Earthquakes are increasing [in frequency]. [And] زَلَازِل is the plural of زِلْزَال – and refuge is sought in Allaah [from their harm]. And it is the movement of the earth. Allaah has made the earth a firm abode, and has anchored it with mountains so […]

The three aspects of backbiting

Reference: قال الحسن: الغيبة ثلاثة أوجه كلها فى كتاب الله: الغيبة، والإفك، والبهتان.(1) فأما الغيبة: فهى أن تقول فى أخيك ما هو فيه.(2) وأما الإفك: فأن تقول فيه ما بلغك عنه.(3) وأما البهتان: فأن تقول فيه ما ليس فيه.ولا خلاف بين العلماء فى أن الغيبة من الكبائر.«تفسير المراغي» — أ.د. عاصم القريوتي Prof Dr […]

The most obscene of gossipmongers

Reference: نصيحتي لكل طالب علم في كل بلد اتق الله وتذكر (من كان يؤمن بالله واليوم الآخر فليقل خيرا أوليصمت) فإياك والتحريش بين المشايخ ولاتكن نماما فأقبح النمامين من أفسد بين المشايخ وإن لم تصدر منك كلمة تجمع فاحذر أن تصدر منك كلمة تفرق والزم الأدب مع علماء وشيوخ أهل السنة في بلدك وفي […]