Numerous jamaa’aat in the masjid

What is the ruling about the numerous jamaa’aat [established for the obligatory salaah – taking place] in a single masjid, particularly when some of them pray after the imaam has completed [the first jamaa’ah], and some others intentionally delay [their arrival] until after the imaam [has completed the first jamaa’ah], so they can pray with another jamaa’ah?

When to make up missed prayers

[He] was ill and they did surgery on him; [as a result] he missed a number of obligatory prayers, so is he required to pray them all together once he has recovered, or should he pray all these obligatory prayers at their appointed times, such as [making-up] the [missed] ‘asr [prayer] at the time of the ‘asr prayer, and the [missed] zhuhr [prayer] at the time of the zhuhr prayer, and the [missed] maghrib [prayer] at the time of the maghrib prayer, and so on?

Making up prayers which were intentionally missed

When I was a reckless young man, during the period of my youth, I abandoned the prayer (salaah) for a period of six months; [thereafter] Allaah bestowed upon me guidance and uprightness, and [the conviction to] preserve the [daily] prayers at their [appointed] times. [Now] should I make up the prayers which I had abandoned early on in my life? And are prayers [ever] required to be made up?

Performed tawaaf, sa’ee and salaah without wudhoo

One of the brothers broke wind whilst [performing] tawaaf, and he was [later] compelled to pray [the obligatory salaah] whilst he was performing sa’ee [between as-safaa and al-marwaa] because he wasn’t able to get to water [to make wudhoo]; so what is the ruling regarding his tawaaf, sa’ee and salaah.