Repenting from Ribaa

Reference: Fataawa Noor ‘alad-Darb – Question No.6293, Page 122, Volume 12 Question: Does repentance expiate [the sin of dealing with] ribaa? Response: Repentance expiates everything, and wipes away [the sin of] what has [since] passed – [whether it be] ribaa or other than it. However, regarding ribaa, Allaah (Ta’aala) says: {But if you repent, you may […]

Using haraam earnings for hajj, getting married or building a masjid

If a person had amassed immense wealth made up of trading in haraam, and then repented to Allaah [from that], is it then permissible for him to perform hajj using this wealth, or donate to charity from it, or [even] get married or build a masjid using it?

Ridding yourself of haraam wealth

I acquired some money from haraam means, and I have since repented sincerely to Allaah. After having repented, I feared [my] wealth may be a source of loss for me, as I had also gotten married using this money. I now wish to use this money and perform ‘umrah and hajj with it, so what is the opinion of the shaykh regarding that?