Muhammed ibn ‘Abdullaah as-Subayyal

He is Abu ‘Abdullaah Muhammad ibn ‘Abdillaah ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Abdil-‘Azeez as-Subayyal, from the family of Aal Ghayhib from the tribe of Banee Zayd from Qudhaa’ah from Qahtaan. He was born in al-Bukayriyyah in the province of Qaseem in 1345H (1926AD). His Upbringing and Quest for Knowledge He was brought up in al-Bukayriyyah and began […]

Ibn Ghudayyaan – What the papers said

A large crowd of scholars, students of knowledge and general folk gathered for the ‘Asr prayer at Jaami’ al-Malik Khaalid in the district of Umm al-Hammaam in Riyadh for the funeral prayer over the body of Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Abdur-Rahmaan al-Ghudayyaan. Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Aal ash-Shaykh – the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia – led both […]

‘Abdullaah al-Ghudayyaan

He was born in 1345 A.H./1926 C.E. in the city of az-Zulfee. He studied the basics of reading and writing, when young, with ‘Abdullaah Ibn ‘Abdul-‘Azeez as-Suhaymee, and ‘Abdullaah Ibn ‘Abdur-Rahmaan al-Ghayth, and Faalih ar-Roomee. He also studied the basics of fiqh, tawheed, Arabic grammar and with Hamdaan Ibn Ahmad al-Baatil. He then travelled […]

‘Umar ibn Muhammad Fallaatah

He was the faqeeh, the muhaddith, the mufassir, the noble Shaykh ‘Umar ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad Bakar al-Fallaanee, popularly known as Fallaatah. And al-Fallaanee refers to the tribe of al-Fallaanah, which is well-known and widespread in most of Western Africa. And according to some historians, his lineage goes right back to ‘Uqbah ibn Naafi’ or […]

‘Abdullaah Ibn Munay’

Descending from the tribe of Banee Zayd, he was born in Shaqraa., which is the capital of the region of al-Washm on 15th of Sha’baan 1349 A.H./1928 C.E. He graduated from his preliminary studies from Madrasah Shaqraa. In 1365 A.H./1944 C.E. He then graduated from the University of Imaam Muhammad Ibn Sa’ood in 1377 A.H./1956 […]

Muhammad Amaan Ibn ‘Alee al-Jaamee

He was born in 1349 A.H / 1927C.E. as indicated in his official papers. The Shaykh was raised in a village by the name of Tughaa Taab in Habashah where he studied the Noble Qur.aan. After he completed this, he began studying the books of Fiqh of the Shaafi’ee madhhab. He also studied Arabic in […]

‘Abdul-Muhsin al-‘Abbaad

I am the one in need of Allaah, ‘Abdul-Muhsin ibn Hamad ibn ‘Abdul-Muhsin ibn ‘Abdullaah ibn Hamad ibn ‘Uthmaan Aal-Badar; and the family of Aal-Badar is from Aal-Jalaas from the tribe of ‘Unzah which is one of the tribes of al-‘Adnaaniyyah and my great-grandfather ‘Abdullaah added the name ‘Abbaad and some of his children later […]

Hammaad ibn Muhammad al-Ansaaree

He was Abu ‘Abdul-Lateef Hammaad ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Hinnah ibn Mukhtaar ibn Muhammad al-Basheer, from the lineage of Qays ibn Sa’d ibn ‘Ubaadah al-Khazrajee al-Ansaaree, who was born in 1343 A.H. (1924 C.E.) in a town called Taad Makkah in Mali, West Africa. The name Taad Makkah means “this is Makkah” since it […]

Muhammad Naasiruddeen al-Albaanee

He was born in the city of Ashkodera, then the capital of Albania in the year 1332 A.H./1914 C.E. into a poor family. His father al-Haaj Nooh Najjaatee al-Albaanee had completed Sharee’ah studies in Istanbul and returned a scholar to Albania. After Albania was taken over by atheism the family made Hijrah to Damascus. In […]