In a state of janaabah, and wants to go to sleep

Reference: Sharh ‘Umdatil-Fiqh – Tape No.6, Question No.1 (page 67)

Question: If a man or woman are in a state of janaabah at the time for bed, and they want to sleep, how should they utter the [words of] remembrance for sleep as it is comprised of verses [of the Qur.aan] and supplications?

Response: He can either take a bath [or shower] – and that would be most complete. Alternatively, at a minimum he can perform wudhoo before going to sleep. He can also utter the [words of] remembrance and avoid [uttering] the verses [of the Qur.aan]. So he should utter the [words of] remembrance which do not contain any verses [of the Qur.aan]. If, however, he uttered some of the verses [of the Qur.aan] without intending to recite [them], then there is no harm in that.

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