Do not say “Ramadhaan Kareem”

Visit our YouTube channel for more Question: The questioner says, regarding the saying “Ramadhaan Kareem”, is al-Kareem not Allaah? Response: This has no basis. Their saying “Ramadhaan Kareem” does not have any basis. As for [saying] “Ramadhaan Shareef”, “Ramadhaan Mubaarak”, “Ramadhaan ‘Adheem” – these descriptions are mentioned in ahaadeeth; “‘Adheem”, “Mubaarak”, “Shareef” – [there is] […]

Definitive proof against celebrating the birthday of the Prophet ﷺ

  Visit our YouTube channel for more All Praise is due to Allaah [alone], Who has guided us to Tawheed and the Sunnah, and may the prayers and salutations [of Allaah] be upon our Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet of guidance and mercy. To proceed… These are three important questions related to those who practice the […]