‘Abdur-Razzaaq Ibn ‘Afeefee

He was born in the year 1323 A.H./1902 C.E. He studied his primary education, then secondary education and then further studies. In completing his studies he was examined and awarded with an international (recognised) certificate in 1351 A.H./1930 C.E. He then undertook specialised studies in fiqh and usool al-fiqh, and after being examined, was awarded […]

‘Abdul-’Azeez Aal ash-Shaykh

He is the noble Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ibn ‘Abdullaah Ibn Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul-Lateef Aal ash-Shaykh. He was born in Riyadh in 1362 A.H./1941 C.E., and since his birth he suffered from weak eyesight, until he lost his sight altogether in 1381 A.H./1960 C.E. He began seeking knowledge by studying the Noble Qur.aan at Masjid Ahmad Ibn […]