Visiting a male doctor

Reference: Fataawa Noor ‘alad-Darb – Question No.5817, Pages 253-254, Volume 11

Question: [O] noble Shaykh, in your opinion, what is the legal ruling regarding a woman going to a male doctor for a check-up?

Response: If the need arises for a woman to visit a male doctor for a check-up, then there is no harm in that – with the condition that he looks only at what is necessary of her and no more. And the second condition is that she has her mahram with her, so the doctor is not alone with her [at any time]. And the third condition is the doctor should be trustworthy and known to be of virtuous character, and if he is known to be otherwise, then no – she should not go to him. [And] the fourth condition – this being the guiding principle, is that there must be a genuine need for her to visit a male doctor.

So [to repeat], the four conditions are that she must have a genuine reason for that, and that he does not look at more than what is necessary, and he must not be alone with her, and that he is trustworthy.

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