Conversation between male & female on the telephone whilst fasting

Reference: Fataawa Ramadhaan – Volume 2, Page 760, Fatwa No.773
al-Muntaqaa min Fatawaa ash-Shaykh Saalih ibn Fowzaan – Volume 3, Pages 162-163

Question: What is the ruling regarding the conversation between a male and a female on the telephone whilst fasting. And [what] if they themselves are engaged to each other?

Response: The conversation between a male and female on the telephone is not permissible for that which exists therein of fitnah (danger). And this is except for the female who is engaged to the one she is speaking to and the conversation is simply to understand [something] and for the sake (issues) of the engagement. However, that which is better and safer is for the male to speak to the female’s walee (one in charge of her affairs). As for the conversation between the male and the female in other than the issue of engagement then it is not permissible for that which exists therein of extreme fitnah and fear for that which may lead to [something] dangerous (impermissible). And if this is whilst fasting, then it affects the fast by diminishing it [in reward], because that which is required from the one who is fasting is to protect his fast from that which breaches it and diminishes it. And how often is it that the moral and social problems are as a result of the telephone conversations between the males and the females! So that which is obligatory is for the walee’s (ones in charge of the affairs) of the females to prevent them [from this] and oversee they don’t fall into this danger.

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