Imaams of Makkah and Madeenah call for immediate halt to war in Iraq

Source: Arab News

The imam of the Grand Mosque in Makkah yesterday (Friday 28 March, 2003) called for an immediate halt to the war on Iraq as people across the Gulf prayed for the victory of the Iraqi people against the US-British aggressors.

“This unjust war must stop immediately. If it continues, it will only fuel hatred and conflicts” between nations, said Dr. Saleh ibn Abdullah Humaid, who is also chairman of the Shoura Council.

Delivering his Friday sermon to more than 500,000 faithful thronging the large mosque complex, Sheikh Humaid urged the international community to stand by the Iraqi people. “Truth and justice demand that we stand by the Iraqi people,” he added.

In his televised address, Humaid said that launching the war on Baghdad was a grave mistake. “This is a lost war and there will be no winners,” the imam said.

Humaid also urged world leaders to respond to the calls for peace by taking effective steps to end the US-led war. “Our world today is in need of justice, charters and clear agreements, which should be followed by every country without exception.

“There must be good intentions and sincere cooperation for the welfare and happiness of all,” he said.

The Haram imam urged Muslims to unite and avoid differences to confront the challenges facing them. “We have to achieve real freedom by restricting our worship to God alone,” he added.

Dr. Humaid stressed that the Islamic nation would not have been affected by foreign attacks if internal wrangling had not weakened it. “Muslims can regain their power by strengthening their faith in God and implementing the Shariah.”

He cautioned the public about the media war launched by sections of the Western media organization and urged them to distinguish between truth and rumor. “Enemies spread false reports to create chaos and confusion among Muslims, create fear, destroy their morale and weaken their self-confidence,” he added. Humaid urged Muslims to learn from the present crisis and stand united.

Saudi Arabia has opposed the US-led war on Iraq and called for an immediate end to it.

The Kingdom has also rejected a military occupation of Iraq and has warned that a continuation of the war would affect Saudi-US relations.

Security measures in the Kingdom have been beefed up, with police patrols guarding main streets, government institutions and shopping malls.

The Haram imam also condemned the killing of innocent people in Iraq by the Anglo-American forces. “Bodies are shattered and dismembered, many people have lost their loved ones, many are missing. There is destruction everywhere,” he said.

Sheikh Salah Al-Bedair, the imam and khateeb of the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, prayed for “our weak Muslim brothers in Iraq and for the destruction of the aggressors.”

Bedair referred to reports of Muslim women, children and the elderly being killed and injured in Iraq and urged Muslims all over the world to pray for their brethren in Iraq.

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