Laughter spiritually kills the heart

Reference: Ghaaratul-Ashritah ‘alaa Ahlil-Jahli was-Safsatah – Volume 2, Page 109

Question: What is the extent of the authenticity of the hadeeth:

«Laughter [spiritually] kills the heart and removes the [spiritual] light from the face»

…and is it correct that it has been authenticated the Prophet ﷺ laughed until his molars (teeth) were visible?

Response: The authentic hadeeth is:

«Beware of too much laughter, for indeed it [spiritually] kills the heart»

…and it is an authentic hadeeth and all praise is due to Allaah [alone] as I have made mention of it in “as-Saheeh al-Musnad mimmaa Laysa fis-Saheehayn”. And it has been authentically reported that the Prophet ﷺ laughed until his molars were visible, however, this was not something regular, rather it was rare. Generally, the Prophet ﷺ would [only] smile.

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