Not fasting in Ramadhaan due to military duties

Reference: Fataawa Ramadhaan – Volume 1, Page 382, Fatwa No.340
Fataawa al-Lajnah ad-Daa.imah lil-Buhooth al-‘Ilmiyyah wal-Iftaa. – Fatwa No.3924

Question: I am a soldier and Ramadhaan has arrived, so is it permissible for me to refrain from fasting, bearing in mind that my [military] duties do not help me when I’m fasting (i.e. he experiences much hardship)?

Response: It is not permissible for you to refrain from fasting in Ramadhaan whilst you are legally responsible [for your actions according to the Sharee’ah] to fast, unless you are travelling or are sick such that your illness does not allow you to fast, as Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala) says:

{…and whoever is ill or on a journey, the same number [of days which one did not observe fasts must be made up] from other days…}, Soorah al-Baqarah, Aayah 185

And Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala) also says:

{…and has not laid upon you in religion any…}, Soorah al-Hajj, Aayah 78

And Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala) also says:

{Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope…}, Soorah al-Baqarah, Aayah 286

And with Allaah lies all the success, and may Allaah send prayers and salutations upon our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his family and his companions.

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