Shaykh Jibreen clarifies position regarding fatwa attributed to him

Earlier today, Fatwa-Online was informed by Maajid al-‘Alee that:

Shaykh ‘Abdullaah ibn Jibreen, previously a member of the Council of Senior Scholars said:

Indeed that which took place a few weeks ago in the hijacking of the airplanes and crashing them into the buildings is impermissible, and we reject it and distance ourselves from such acts.

The Shaykh went on to advise:

…that we (need to) return to Allaah and rule in accordance with His Law (Sharee’ah)” for indeed that is “the means to attain honour and firmness.

The Shaykh went on to advise the Muslim youth:

…that their actions must be based upon considering the good and evil consequences as established in the Sharee’ah, and that they refer to the position of the scholars such that they do not instigate any harmful effects upon the Muslims.

The Shaykh also mentioned that the explosions which caused the destruction of the buildings in America:

…are probably the cause for the stagnation in the (acceptance of) Islaamic da’wah and the distorted view of Islaam in many countries.

Regarding the fatwa in which the Shaykh calls for the assistance of Taalibaan, the ruling party in Afghanistan, with one’s wealth and property, and in person, then the Shaykh explained:

This (fatwa) was issued last Safar…

…and that no new fatwa has been issued by him after the attacks which occurred in Washington and New York in September.

The Shaykh finished off by calling upon the Muslims to reflect upon the suffering of their Muslim brethren in Palestine and Afghanistan where:

…their land has been split up and they are prevented from entering neighbouring territory by neighbouring states, instead sufficing with life in dishevelled refugee camps where they experience much hunger, difficulties and cold and where illness and death threaten them.

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