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Reference: Muhammad Naasiruddeen al-Albaanee – Muhaddith al-’Asr and Naasir as-Sunnah – Page 45.

Muhammad al-Khateeb, who had worked in the Shaykh’s house for six years, narrates :

‘When I made the intention to build [myself] a house, I was in need of money. So I asked many people, but did not receive anything. I then recalled a rich man whom the Shaykh knew, so I said to the Shaykh’s wife: “Perhaps you could mention to the Shaykh to intermediate between me and such-and-such so he can give me a loan.”

The following day I was sitting at my desk and the Shaykh said to me:

“O Muhammad! You would like me to intermediate for you with such-and-such so he can give you a loan?”

And I replied: “Yes.”

He said: “I am more entitled than him; I will give you what you need.”

I began to cry and said: “O Shaykh, may Allaah reward you with good.”

By Allaah! It had not occurred to me that my need would be met by the Shaykh due to what I knew about the Shaykh’s means. However, when he gave me the money, he said:

“This is a gift of one thousand deenaars which is not to be counted [as a loan],” and I cried once again – may Allaah reward him with much good and have mercy upon him.’

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