A millionaire

Reference: Muhammad Naasiruddeen al-Albaanee – Muhaddith al-’Asr and Naasir as-Sunnah – Page 45.

Muhammad al-Khateeb, who had worked in the Shaykh’s house for six years, narrates :

‘Whilst the Shaykh was in hospital, a woman came to him complaining that she had landed herself in trouble with the bank as she and her husband had taken out a loan from one of them to the sum of 9,000 deenaars. Now, since the death of her husband, the sum [owed to the bank] had multiplied due to ribaa. So, she had come to the Shaykh seeking his help in ridding herself of this [loan]. The Shaykh, as was his manner, asked me to look into this matter, and after investigating and confirming the reality of the woman’s situation, the Shaykh agreed to loan her the sum of 9,000 deenaars. She came along with her children, and the Shaykh said:

“This is 1,000 deenaars – a gift, and this is the sum you requested.” So the woman was elated, as were her children, and supplicated for the Shaykh, and so did I; that Allaah reward the Shaykh with good.

The Shaykh then turned to us and said:

“O brothers! By Allaah I hope to become a millionaire so I can [help] relieve the thousands [of people] like this woman from the shackles of ribaa.”’

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