The power of supplication

Reference: Siyar A’laam an-Nubalaa – Volume 5, Page 189

Sulaym ibn ‘Aamir said:

I entered upon al-Jarraah, and he raised his hands, and [likewise] the leaders [around him too] raised their hands – and they remained [like this] for a long while. He (al-Jarraah) then said to me:

O Abaa Yahyaa, do you know what we were doing (supplicating for)?

I replied: No; I found you all intensely engaged [in supplication], so I raised my hands [in supplication] with you all.

He (al-Jarraah) said: We asked Allaah to bless us with martyrdom.

And by Allaah, none of them remained in that battle until each one of them attained martyrdom.

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