Time allocation between wives on the day of ‘Eed

Reference: Fataawa Mu’aasirah – Page 83
al-Mowsoo’ah – 1203

Question: Is it permissible to suspend the [equal] division [of time] between the wives on the day of ‘Eed and make up for it [afterwards] with both of the wives?

Response: If they are both happy with that [arrangement], then there is no harm [in this]. And if the wife whose allocation falls on that day wishes to maintain that day for herself (with her husband), then this is her right. However, I advise the women to ease up regarding this issue and go easy because whoever makes easy the affairs [for others] then Allaah makes [the affairs] easy for him. And it is befitting that the day of ‘Eed be a day where everyone gathers together to celebrate their ‘Eed. And Allaah [alone] has the Complete knowledge [of all affairs].

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