Valid reasons for divorce

Reference: Fataawa Islaamiyyah – Volume 3, Page 264

Question: What are the valid reasons for divorce, from your point of view your Eminence?

Response: For divorce there are many reasons:

From them (i.e. the many reasons for divorce) is lack of harmony between the husband and the wife such that it does not cause love from either one for the other or from both of them.

And from them is bad behaviour of the woman or lack of listening and obedience to the husband in what he commands of the good.

And from them is bad behaviour of the husband and his oppressing the woman and lack of fairness/justice for her.

And from them is his falling short of fulfilling her rights and her falling short of fulfilling his rights.

And from this is the occurrence of wrongdoing from one of them or both of them such that the situation is made worse because of this, so the only route is divorce, and from this is the husband or the wife turning to intoxicants and smoking.

And from them is the bad state of affairs between the woman and the husband’s parents or either of them, and the lack of use of wise politics in dealing with each other.

And from them is the lack of the woman in caring and showing concern in cleanliness and dressing up and beautifying herself for her husband with perfume and good speech and cheerfulness when she meets her husband and when they have sexual intercourse.

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