Apostate leaves Christian husband and now wishes to marry a Muslim

Reference: Fataawa Mu’aasirah – Page 86-87

Questioner: She apostasised and married a Christian. She then returned to the fold of Islaam and left him. So how long would her ‘iddah (waiting period) be in order for her to marry someone else?

Shaykh: Did she have intercourse with him (the Christian)?

Questioner: Yes, she had intercourse with him.

Shaykh: [It is sufficient for her to allow the passing of] one menstrual cycle according to the predominant opinion; And it is said that it is imperative she allows the passing of three menstrual cycles. However, the predominant opinion is [that she allows the passing of] one menstrual cycle. This is because her marriage to the Christian was correct (legal) whilst she was an apostate. And Allaah [alone] has the Complete knowledge [of all affairs].

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