Breaking the fast according to the Sunnah

Reference: Fataawa Ramadhaan – Volume 1, Page 187, Fatwa No.127
Fataawa as-Siyaam libni Jibreen – Page 15

Question: Is there any reward for [breaking the fast with] these preferable [food items]?

Response: One who does so in following the Prophet’s ﷺ example, then for him is the reward of following him. Even if it is in the (simply mundane) acceptable (mubaah) matters (i.e. where there is no reward nor any sin attached to the action), if he were to follow (him) in these, then he would be rewarded for that action. Because of this, the scholars say: ‘Certainly with good intention, good habits become acts of worship’.

He is a graduate of the Islaamic University of Madeenah, having graduated from the Institute of Arabic Language, and later the Faculty of Sharee'ah in 2004. He currently resides in Birmingham, UK.

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