Changing the tone of your voice during the recitation

Reference: I’laam al-Mu’aasireen bi-Fataawa Ibn ‘Uthaymeen – Page 85

Question: Some of the imaams [who lead the prayers] in the masaajid try to stir the hearts of the people and [spiritually] affect them by changing the tone of their voices – sometimes during the taraaweeh prayer and the qunoot supplication. And I have heard some of the people disapprove of that. So what is your opinion regarding this – may Allaah protect and preserve you?

Response: That which I am of the opinion is that if this was done within the [stipulated] boundaries of the Sharee’ah – without being excessive, then there is no harm in that. [I say this] because Abu Moosaa al-Ash’aree said to the Prophet ﷺ:

«If I knew that you were going to be listening to my recitation, then I would have beautified it for you», transmitted by ‘Abdur-Razzaaq No.4178.

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