Cleaning urine from a carpet or rug

Reference: Sharh ‘Umdatil-Fiqh – Tape No.9, Question No.23

Question: If someone urinated on a carpet or rug, should [we suffice with just] water be[ing] poured on it – just as in the story of the bedouin Arab?

Response: No, this [carpet or rug] is something which can be taken to get washed. As for the story of the bedouin Arab, then [in] that [story he urinated] on the ground or something connected to it. [As a rule], whatever is fixed into the ground carries the same ruling as the ground, [in which case] suffice with [just] pouring water on it. As for that which is not connected to the ground, and is possible to be picked up and carried [away to be washed], then it is not sufficient to just pour water over it, rather, it is imperative that it be washed just like anything else.

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