Council of Senior Scholars back Government crackdown on terrorists

Source: Arab News

The Kingdom’s highest Islamic authority yesterday denounced terror attacks in the Kingdom, describing them as “serious criminal acts,” and pledged its full support for the government.

“Acts of sabotage such as bombings, murder and destruction of property are serious criminal acts and an aggression against innocent people… which warrant severe and deterrent punishment,” the Council of Senior Islamic Scholars said in a statement.

The 17-member council, headed by Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, declared its support for the actions being taken by the state to track down terrorists in an effort to shield the country from their actions.

The scholars’ statement followed media reports that 10 suspected militants were arrested in the southern city of Jizan after police raided their hideout on Friday.

The Islamic body called on the Saudi people to “stand behind the country’s leadership and their scholars,” at these difficult times in the fight against “evildoers.”

The statement dubbed “misguided and ignorant” those who claim that terrorism was part of jihaad, or holy war. It said people who provide shelter to suspected militants were committing a “grave sin.”

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