Even though he had an excuse not to go

Reference: Siyar A’laam an-Nubalaa – Volume 5, Page 219

Mus’ab said:

‘Aamir ibn ‘Abdillaah heard the mu.adhin [calling the adhaan], and said: ‘Take me by the hand [to the masjid].’

It was then said [to him]: ‘You are [an] ailing [man, so have an excuse not to go to the masjid].’

And he replied: ‘I hear the caller to Allaah [inviting to prayer], should I not respond to him (his call)?’

And so, they took him by the hand [to the masjid], and he joined the [congregation behind the] imaam for the maghrib [prayer], and completed the first rak’ah then died.

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