Geographical map of al-Imaam al-Bukhaaree’s journey in search of hadeeth

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Using a geographical map, we will attempt to show al-Imaam al-Bukhaaree’s journey in search of hadeeth.

And it is approximate, with differences [of opinion] between some biographers in the journey path taken and the length of time he stayed in each city.

[So] al-Imaam al-Bukhaaree first began [his] search of hadeeth in his [home] city of Bukhara (Uzbekistan), seeking knowledge from its scholars.

He then travelled from Bukhara to Balkh (Afghanistan) to seek knowledge from its scholars;
approximately 600km.

From Balkh he travelled to Merv (Turkmenistan); approximately 800km.

And from Merv [he travelled] to Neyshabur (Iran); approximately 140km.

And from Neyshabur [he travelled] to Rey (Iran); approximately 760km.

And from Rey [he travelled] to Wasit (Iraq); approximately 985km.

And from Wasit [he travelled] to Basrah (Iraq); approximately 365km.

And from Basrah [he travelled] to Kufa (Iraq); approximately 390km.

And from Kufa [he travelled] to Baghdad (Iraq); approximately 164km.

And from Baghdad [he travelled] to Madinah (Saudi Arabia); approximately 1,530km.

And from Madinah [he travelled] to Mecca (Saudi Arabia); approximately 435km.

And from Mecca [he travelled] to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia); approximately 70km.

And from Jeddah [he travelled] to Aidhab (Egypt) by sea; approximately 130km.

And from Aidhab to Fustat (historical centre of modern Cairo, Egypt); approximately 1,080km.

And from Fustat [he travelled] to Ashkelon (Palestine); approximately 500km.

And from Ashkelon [he travelled] to Caesarea (Palestine); approximately 118km.

And from Caesarea [he travelled] to Damascus (Syria); approximately 400km.

And from Damascus [he travelled] to Baghdad; approximately 915km.

From Baghdad, [al-Imaam] al-Bukhaaree returned to his [home] city, Bukhara, in the same direction.

[So] the total distance that al-Imaam al-Bukhaaree covered from Bukhara until his return to it was approximately 14,000km which al-Imaam al-Bukhaaree covered between walking on foot and riding an animal.

May Allaah ﷻ inspire us with the example of al-Imaam al-Bukhaaree to exert all our efforts in seeking knowledge from qualified and authentic sources – whether online, the local masjid, in our home city, in our home country, or overseas, aameen!

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