I have never said to a muhaddith ‘repeat it to me’

Reference: Tathkiratul-Huffaath – Volume 1, Page 357
al-Hath ‘alaa Hifth al-‘Ilm – Page 54
Siyar A’laam an-Nubalaa – Volume 5, Page 276
al-Hifth – Ahammiyyatuhu, ‘Ajaa.ibuhu, Tareeqatuhu, Asbaabuhu – Page 14

Qataadah ibn Di’aamah as-Suddoosee (died 118 AH) said:

I have never said to a muhaddith ‘repeat it to me’ and nor have my ears ever heard anything except that it has settled upon my heart (i.e. I have memorised it).

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