Performing another ‘umrah having just done so already

Reference: Liqaa.aat al-Baab al-Maftooh – Volume 1, Page 51, Number 86

Question: A man performed the ‘umrah – and after completing it, went to Taif to do something. After completing what he had to do [in Taif] he wanted to perform ‘umrah for a deceased [person], so is this permissible?

Response: There is no harm for him to do this. If a person performs ‘umrah, then leaves Makkah to go to Taif or Jeddah for [some] reason, [and whilst there] it occurs to him to do ‘umrah for a deceased [person], then there is no harm in that, even if he repeated this – there is no prohibition.

That which is forbidden is to remain in Makkah, and then depart to at-Tan’eem (Masjid ‘Aa.ishah) so as to return to Makkah to do another ‘umrah. This is what is forbidden.

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