Shaykh Muqbil in intensive care

We have just received the following news:

I have just been talking to online to our brother in Al-‘Islaam, Aboo Sufyaan al-Atharee, may Allaah reward him, and he asked us to make Du’aa’ for al-‘Allaamah al-Muh.addith Muqbil ibnu Haadee al-Waadi’ee, H.aafidthahullaahu Ta’aalaa.


The brother was busy with the Shaykh last night and they had to take him to hospital. The Shaykh is in ICU (Intensive Care Unit).


Brothers and sisters in Al-‘Islaam, please make Du’aa’ to Allaah, Subh.aanahu wa Ta’aalaa, that He cures Aboo ‘Abdir-Rah.maan Muqbil bin Haadee al-Waadi’ee, preserves him and let us benefit from him for many more years while he is alive.


Indeed Allaah is As-Samee’ (the All-Hearing), Al-‘Aleem (the All-Knowing).

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