The two Angels and the questioning of the deceased

Reference: Ghaaratul-Ashritah ‘alaa Ahlil-Jahli was-Safsatah – Volume 1, Page 465

Question: If the deceased is placed in a freezer for any period greater or less than a month, is he questioned [by the two angels], and likewise, if he has been devoured by the animals, or is he not questioned until he is [actually] placed in his grave?

Response: As for the deceased who is placed in a freezer, then that which is apparent is that he is not questioned [by the two angels] until he is placed in his grave, because the Prophet ﷺ said:

«When the deceased is placed in his grave, there come to him two angels».

As for he who has been devoured by animals, then if he has been completely devoured then he will be questioned inside the bellies [of the wild animals], and if he has not been completely devoured and some parts of him remain, then he is to be buried and he will [then] be questioned in his grave.

And such is the case of those who have died at sea or for whom they are unable to find a burial place, so they throw him into the sea, he will then be questioned even if he is in the sea; The two angels will come and question him.

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