Touching the private parts whilst in a state of wudhoo

Reference: Sharh ‘Umdatil-Fiqh – Tape No.4, Question No.39

Question: I heard one of the scholars say that directly touching the bottom and the private parts does not invalidate the wudhoo, using as proof the hadeeth «it is just a part of you»?

Response: However, there is another hadeeth which is more authentic (stronger) than it, that the Prophet ﷺ commanded the wudhoo [to be done again] for the one who has touched[1] his private part; both of these [narrations] are in Buloogh al-Maraam. [So] you are taking one hadeeth and leaving the other?!

Translator’s note:
[1] «Whoever touched his private part, [then] let him do wudhoo»

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