What benefit are books without the Scholars


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Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan said:

And what benefit are many books with the loss of the scholars?

[Merely] having books is not enough.

The children of Israel perished while they had the Torah and the Bible.

When they did not have scholars to establish the [legislated] truth, they perished.

So the presence of books among us and the proliferation of books and the variety of books – [then all of] this is undoubtedly good, but it is not enough.

Because someone who reads these books without insight [from the scholars], misleads the people and thinks he is a scholar.

- from London, UK. He is a graduate of the Islaamic University of Madeenah, having graduated from the Institute of Arabic Language, and later the Faculty of Sharee'ah in 2004.

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