Women crowding amongst the men at as-Safaa and al-Marwah

Reference: Daleel al-Akhtaa.a yaqa’a feehaa al-Haaj wal-Mu’tamir wat-tahdtheer minhaa – Page 56

Question: From that which is known is that as-Safaa is small (narrow) and al-Marwah is smaller (narrower). However, we see [some] women ascending upon as-Safaa and al-Marwah and crowd amongst the men. Is this from the Sunnah for the women to ascend upon as-Safaa?

Response: That which is known according to the Fuqahaa is that it is not recommended for the women to ascend upon as-Safaa and al-Marwah. Instead, they should stand at the foot of each mount, then move on to complete the remaining circuits. However, it maybe that these women who were seen ascending as-Safaa and al-Marwah are with their mahrams. It is not recommended for them to split up from their mahrams because of the fear they may lose [one another], otherwise, that which is better is for the woman not to gather amongst the men in an[y] issue that does not require it.

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