A cause of benefit to others

Reference: Siyar A’laam an-Nubalaa – v7, p430

ath-Thahabee said:

al-Khaleel* [was of a disposition that] if he [was a cause of] benefit [to] someone with something, [then] he would not see it that he had benefitted him. And [yet] if someone [was a cause of] benefit [to] him with something, he would see it that he had indeed benefitted from him.

ath-Thahabee remarked:

[And] there are some in our day and age [today] who are quite the opposite.

Translator’s note
* al-Khaleel ibn Ahmad al-Furaahaydee, who was the the Shaykh and teacher of Seebawayh and an-Nadhar ibn Shumayl, and al-Asma’ee, and other than them. He died in 174AH.

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