Authenticity of the hadeeth: «Verily Allaah created Aadam upon His appearance»

Reference: Silsilah Kitaab ad-Da ‘wah (11), al-Fataawa – Volume 4, Page 4

Question: What is the authenticity of the hadeeth «Verily Allaah created Aadam upon His appearance», and may Allaah reward you with good?

Response: This hadeeth is authentic; So Allaah the Mighty and Majestic created Aadam upon His appearance, with hearing, sight, speech, with a face, hands, eyes and feet. And this does not mean he resembles Him, as Allaah the Mighty and Majestic says:

{There is nothing like unto Him}, Soorah ash-Shooraa, Aayah 11
…and also:

{And there is none co-equal or comparable unto Him}, Soorah al-Ikhlaas, Aayah 4.

Just as the scholars of the Sunnah such as Ahmad ibn Hanbal and others have said.

- from London, UK. He is a graduate of the Islaamic University of Madeenah, having graduated from the Institute of Arabic Language, and later the Faculty of Sharee'ah in 2004.

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