Give the benefit of the doubt

Reference: Mawaaqif Mudhee.ah fee Hayaat al-Imaam ‘Abdul-’Azeez ibn Baaz – Page 91

Doosh bint Falaah ad-Dawsaree narrates:

One of the people who used to regularly visit the Shaykh mentioned that once, the Shaykh was extending his greetings to the people who had gathered when a man who smelt of cigarette smoke came and shook his hand. So, one over-enthusiastic person hastened to tell the Shaykh [about this] as if he wished for the man to be rebuked and scolded. However, the Shaykh, with his welcoming heart and good opinion of the people said, paraphrasing: “Do not be hasty in passing judgement! It is possible that he was a passenger with someone who smokes and as a result some of the smell went onto him.”

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