Immense in reward, yet little in action

Reference: adh-Dhow al-Laami’ lis-Sakhaawee – v1, p348

Zayn ad-Deen al-‘Iraaqee said he heard Abu Zur’ah saying:

I do not know of a hadeeth which is so immense in reward, and [yet] little in action than the [following] hadeeth:

«Whoever has a bath [or shower] on the day of Jumu’ah, and then sets off [for the masjid] early and arrives [there] early – walking, and not taking [any mode of] transport, and sits close to the imaam (khateeb) and listens [attentively] and remains quiet, then for every step he took from his house to the masjid there is a reward for him [amounting to] a year of good deeds; the reward of fasting [all of] its days and standing [all of] its nights in prayer.»

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