He forbids us to read the Qur.aan before Fajr

Reference: Fataawa tata’allaq bi-Jamaa’atil-Masjid – Question 20, Page 19
Majmoo Fataawa – Volume 4, Page 162

Question: In our masjid there is a big shaykh who has a certain opinion; an example being that he has forbidden us to read the Qur.aan before Salaat al-Fajr in the masjid. He says that this is the time for dhikr (remembrance and supplication) and not for reading [the Qur.aan]. So what is the response of your Excellency regarding this? May Allaah reward you with good.

Response: In the Name of Allaah and all Praise is for Allaah [alone]. There is no harm in reading the Qur.aan at all times of the prayer. However, if there are people around him praying or reciting legislated dhikr, then it has been legislated that he not raise his voice in reading the Qur.aan so as to not to interfere [with the concentration] of his brothers [in Islaam)] And if he were to abandon reading [the Qur.aan] and [instead] busied himself with legislated dhikr, then that is better.

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