His immense zeal and strength of purpose

Reference: https://twitter.com/kunnashaty/status/979118839710519296

Imaam Ibn Baaz (rahima-hullaah) was asked about the best book he has read*.

He replied:

an-Nawawee’s explanation of [Saheeh] Muslim…I have read* it more than 60 times.

There are a number of points of benefit [to be noted here]:

  1. His blindness had not prevented him from reading*;
  2. His immense zeal and strength of purpose;
  3. His reverence of the people of knowledge;
  4. There is no shame in revising knowledge;
  5. Adhering to reading and seeking knowledge even in old age.

Translator’s note:
* What is meant here is that – as was the Shaykh’s habit – he would have books read to him; as illustrated in this example:


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