Importance of righteous parenting

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Shaykh Mu’aadh Khojah said:

And indeed, from the greatest reasons for helping to improve the hereafter of the offspring is the righteousness of the parents; and in other words, [their setting] a good example.

Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala said:

{…and their father had been righteous.}, soorah al-Kahf, aayah 82

[Regarding this aayah] Ibn ‘Abbaas (radhi-yAllaahu ‘anhumaa said: “They were protected [by Allaah] because of the righteousness of their father.” – Tafseer Ibn Katheer – v5, p168

And [also regarding this aayah], Muhammad Ibn al-Munkadir rahima-hullaah said: “Indeed Allaah protects for the righteous man his child, and the children of his child, and the neighbourhood in which he was born, and the neighbourhoods around him, so they will [all] remain sheltered under the protection of Allaah.” – Jaami’ul-‘Uloom wal-Hikam – v2, p555

And [referring to this aayah] Ibn al-Musayyib rahima-hullaah said: “O my son! I will [continue to] increase in my salaah because of you, in the hope that you will be protected [by Allaah].”

He then recited this aayah:

{…and their father had been righteous.}, soorah al-Kahf, aayah 82.

– Jaami’ul-‘Uloom wal-Hikam – v2, p555

And [also regarding this aayah], Ibn Katheer rahima-hullaah said: “Therein is proof that the offspring of the righteous man will be protected [by Allaah], and the blessing of his worship for them in this world and the Hereafter includes its intercession for them, and the raising of their status to the highest level in paradise, so that his eyes may be pleased with [seeing] them, as is mentioned in the Qur.aan and the Sunnah.” – Tafseer Ibn Katheer – v5, p186-187

So the religious well-being of the parents is an important responsibility in terms of nurturing the children, so the fathers and the mothers must take care of their own religious well-being in order to attain the Pleasure of Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala and [thereby] benefit their offspring after them with the protection [of Allaah] and righteousness, if Allaah has [indeed] decreed that for them.

So the righteousness of the parents is one of the reasons for the righteousness of the offspring, and not a condition for their righteousness.

Translation originally published on 25 November, 2023

He is a graduate of the Islaamic University of Madeenah, having graduated from the Institute of Arabic Language, and later the Faculty of Sharee'ah in 2004. He currently resides in Birmingham, UK.

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