Beneficial knowledge without righteous actions

Visit our YouTube channel for more Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan said: And it has been reported in an authentic hadeeth, that there are from amongst the students of knowledge those who will be punished before the worshippers of idols. And they (the students of knowledge) [will] say: “Starting with us before the worshippers of idols?!” And […]

What is the cleansing of the worshipper?

Reference: 🔹في الحديث عن نبينا ﷺ قال:" إذا أراد الله بعبد خيراً طهَّره قبل موته، قالوا: وما طُهور العبد؟ قال: عمل صالح يُلهمه إياه حتى يقبضه عليه". #صححه_الألبانيفاللهم اختم لنا بخير طهور، وأحسن عمل.#حسن_الخاتمة#الجمعة — سلطان العيد (@sultanal3eed) March 2, 2018 Authenticated by al-Albaanee The Prophet ﷺ said: «If Allaah wants good for His […]