The adhaan and iqaamah for the women-1

Reference: al-Haawee min Fataawa ash-Shaykh al-Albaanee – Page 184

Question: Is the adhaan and the iqaamah obligatory upon the women or is it [merely] recommended?

Response: We have said [many] times that with respect to rulings and [their] definition the Sharee’ah applies to both the man and woman equally. So (the Prophet (ﷺ» said:

«Indeed the women are the twins of the men» 

So there is no differing in the Sharee’ah rulings with respect to the prayer, the fasting, the ablution, the hajj and the like. So all that has been obligated upon the men has [likewise] been obligated upon the women except where there exists an exception. So based upon this, the ruling will remain general [with respect to both the man and the woman] unless a specific ruling exists.

[So] do you mean it is obligatory upon them (the women)?

Everything that Allaah has obligated upon the man, then it is [likewise] obligatory upon the women, and everything He has prohibited for the man then he has [likewise] prohibited for the woman, and everything he has permitted for the men then [likewise] it is permissible for the women, except where the text [of the Qur.aan and/or the Sunnah] has dictated [otherwise]. So for example, silk is prohibited for the men, but the text [of the Qur.aan and/or the Sunnah] has dictated its permissibility for the women, and likewise.

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