Weigh the bags of rice used for Zakaatul-Fitr

Reference: https://twitter.com/kradd2/status/877180832087257088

Fataawa al-Lajnah ad-Daa.imah – v15, p151

Question: Should the weight printed on bags of rice [or other staple foods intended for Zakaatul-Fitr] be relied upon, or should they be weighed again?

Response: It is imperative to confirm the amount [held in] the bag which will be used for the purpose of Zakaatul-Fitr and not to suffice with what is printed on it – that the amount [held in] the bag is such-and-such.

That is because it may be less [than the legislated amount required for Zakaatul-Fitr], and [any shortfall in the amount] would therefore remain the responsibility of the one using it to process his Zakaatul-Fitr.

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