Fatwa of Shaykh ‘Abdur-Razzaaq ‘Afeefee regarding the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh

Reference: Fataawa wa Rasaa.il Samaahhtush-Shaykh ‘Abdur-Razzaaq ‘Afeefee – Volume 1, Page 174

Question: The Shaykh was asked regarding going out with the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh to remind the people of the Greatness of Allaah.

Response: That which is the case, is that they are innovators and those who adhere to the manhaj of the Qadariyyah and other than them and their going out is not [regarded as] in the Path of Allaah, rather it is in the path of Iliyaas. They do not invite to the Book [of Allaah] and nor the Sunnah, rather they invite to Iliyaas, their Shaykh in India.

As for going out with them with the intention to invite to the path of Allaah, then that is [regarded as] going out in the path of Allaah but not that which is going out with the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh.

And I know of the Jamaa’ah at-Tableegh from a long time and they are innovators wherever they may be; Egypt, Israel, America, Saudi Arabia and all of them attach themselves to their Shaykh Iliyaas.

He is a graduate of the Islaamic University of Madeenah, having graduated from the Institute of Arabic Language, and later the Faculty of Sharee'ah in 2004. He currently resides in Birmingham, UK.

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