He did not make a single mistake

Reference: Hifth al-Qur.aan al-Kareem – Page 44
al-Hifth: Ahamimiyatuhu, ‘Ajaa.ibuhu, Tareeqatuhu, Asbaabuhu – Page 36

‘Abdul-Qayyoom as-Suhaybaanee said: Abu Khaalid ibn ‘Abdillaah narrated to me in 1422AH:

One of the teachers at the Jam’iyyah Tahfeeth al-Qur.aan al-Kareem in Madeenah recited from the beginning of Soorah al-Baqarah to the end of Soorah al-‘Israa; [he did so] from memory, without previously revising [for this test]. [In doing so,] he did not make a single mistake and nor doubted at any moment. And he said this was in the year 1415AH.

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