Hiring someone trustworthy to do hajj badal and ‘umrah badal

Reference: Majmoo’ Fataawa wa Rasaa.il ‘Abdul-‘Azeez ibn Baaz – Volume 16, Page 407-408

Question: My mother died whilst I was young, and so I hired someone trustworthy to perform hajj on her behalf. My father had also died, and I heard from some of my relatives that he himself had performed the hajj. Was it permissible for me to hire someone to perform hajj on behalf of my mother, or am I obliged to perform hajj on her behalf myself? Also, should I perform hajj on behalf of my father, even though I heard he himself had performed the hajj? I urge you to advise me, and thank you.

Response: If you performed the hajj yourself – on behalf of [each of] them, and exerted yourself in completing the hajj in the legislated manner, then that is best. And if you hired someone religious [and trustworthy] to perform the hajj on behalf of [each of] them, then there is no harm [in that].

And it is best that you [yourself] complete the hajj and the ‘umrah on behalf of [each of] them. And similarly, if you were to appoint someone to do that, then it has been legislated that you instruct them to perform the hajj for each of them, as well as the ‘umrah. And this is from you being dutiful towards them and doing good for them.

May Allaah accept from us and you [all our righteous deeds].

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